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Compilatiefilm Jos Stelling, Nederlands Film Festival 'Gast van het Jaar 2005'.
Montage Rimko Haanstra.
Met dank aan het NFF.

Duska (2007)



Duska is the imaginative story of Bob (Gène Bervoets), who has the best part of his life behind him. He is addicted to film, has visited several festivals as a film critic and is now working on his own screenplay. His muse and inspiration is the attractive, young and unattainable cashier (Sylvia Hoeks) from the movie theatre across the street. But when Bob’s desire for the girl finally becomes reality and she ends up at his house, a man named Duska (Sergei Makovetsky) suddenly appears at his door. The timing couldn’t be worse. Bob had met this friendly loser once at a Russian film festival, and in a reckless mood had invited him to come and visit if he was in the neighbourhood. That was the worst thing he could have done; Duska is not about to leave Bob alone, resulting in an original tragicomedy full of surprising twists.

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Bob                                                        Gene Bervoets
The Girl                                              Sylvia Hoeks
Duska                                                    Sergey Makoveskiy


Director                                                Jos Stelling
Producer                                              Eyeworks Egmond BV Scenario                                               Jos Stelling & Hans Heesen
Supervising Producer                        Erwin Godschalk
Director of Photography                    Goert Giltay
Production Designer                          Gert Brinkers
Costume Designer                             Anne Verhoeven
Editing                                                   Bert Rijkelijkhuizen
Music                                                     Bart van de Lisdonk
Sound Designer                                  Jan Willem van den Brink


Dutch submission for European Film, 2008
Dutch submission for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, 2008
Golden Calf for Best Female Supporting Role for Sylvia Hoeks, 2007
Nomination Golden Calf Best Music, Bart van Lisdonk,Dutch Film Festival 2007
Chamizal Award, Chamizal Independent Film Festival (Texas, USA), 2009



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