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Compilatiefilm Jos Stelling, Nederlands Film Festival 'Gast van het Jaar 2005'.
Montage Rimko Haanstra.
Met dank aan het NFF.

No Trains No Planes (1999)

thumb_ks in rode slee
thumb_ks in rode slee


Back in the present-day, Stelling chose a second book by Jean-Paul Franssens, Broederweelde, for a loose adaptation. The subject is a man, Gerard, who goes to his regular pub to bid the other patrons farewell. Gerard goes completely unnoticed by the rest of the company, and one sad event follows the next. The emotional low is his rejection by the beautiful Paula, who chooses a German gangster. The sad man only gets attention when he brags about his brother Mario Russo, a popular singer, with whom he is at odds however. This becomes apparent when Mario Russo unexpectedly drops by in the pub.


No Trains No Planes is a typical tragicomedy that only Jos Stelling could make, full of jokes, with a tragic background, and average, but at the same time unusual people. The star of the film is the Belgian actr Gene Bervoets as the crooner Mario Russo. Kees Prins and Ellen ten Damme stand out in their small roles, and Katja Schuurman, who at the time was known only as a soap starlet, makes her debut here in a feature film. Jos Stelling has said that he loves films that end beadly, but still leave you with a good feeling. Gerard’s death at the end of the film is exactly what he means. As usual, Stelling had to go abroad to find an enthusiastic audience. The title of the film provided a funny misunderstanding, that would be right  at home in a Jos Stelling film. When the film was sent to a festival, the reels stayed behind at an airport, because customs mistook the title for transportation intstructions: “do not send by train or by plane”. Better just leave it then…


Gerard                                                  Dirk van Dijck
Paula                                                     Ellen ten Damme
Joop                                                      Henri Garcin
Mario Russo                                        Gene Bervoets
Klaus                                                     Dominique Horwitz
Jacques                                                 Kees Prins
Rietje                                                     Katja Schuurman
Benny                                                    Peer Mascini
Coby                                                      Leny Breederveld
Ton                                                        Aat Ceelen
TV-presentator                                    Victor Löw
Ilse DeLange                                       Ilse DeLange


Director                                                Jos Stelling
Script                                                    Hans Heese, Jos Stelling
Director of Photography                   Goert Giltay
Production Designer                        Gert Brinkers
Executive Producer                           Anton Kramer
Editor                                                   Bert Rijkelijkhuizen
Music Score                                       Nicola Piovani


Golden Gryphon, Film Festival St Petersburg, 1999
Nomination Kieslowski Award, Denver Film Festival, 1999
Nomination Best Scenario & Best Actor, Dutch Film Festival, 1999
Silver Cup, Dutch Film Festival (Japan), 1999


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