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Compilatiefilm Jos Stelling, Nederlands Film Festival 'Gast van het Jaar 2005'.
Montage Rimko Haanstra.
Met dank aan het NFF.

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The Girl and Death tells the timeless story about love and death. About the Russian doctor Nicolai who returns to the old hotel/brothel where he has once met the courtesan Elise. He relives his love history and past and present concide.
Based on a short story by Remco Campert. The door bell rings, but Erik doesn't feel like receiving any guests. He hides in the closet when he hears his neighbour opening the front door. The Visit is an initiative of the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Film Fund to promote Dutch cinema.
Tragicomedy about film critic Bob, who has the best part of his life behind him. His muse and inspiration is the attractive, young and unattainable cashier from the cinema across the street. All of the sudden a man named Duska appears at his doorstep. Bob had met this friendly loser once at a Russian film festival. Duska is not planning on leaving Bob alone.
After The Waiting Room and The Gas Station a third erotic tale by Jos Stelling. A man is waiting for his wife, who is inside a lingerie shop. Many people pass by, one of whom is irresistible.
The Gas Station is a short humorous film about a man who causes a small accident while stuck in a traffic jam. The woman he bumps into takes out her anger on his car. The man is not willing to ignore this incident and decides to follow her. But maybe he shouldn't have.
Gerard goes to his regular pub to bid the other patrons farewell. He goes completely unnoticed by the people in the bar, and one sad event follows the next. The sad man only gets attention when he starts bragging about his brother Mario Russo, a popular singer, with whom he is at odds however. This becomes apparent when Mario Russo unexpectedly drops by in the pub.
An epic tale in three chapters about the search of a serf for his alleged father: the Flying Dutchman. The original and fairy tale like story is an ode to fantasy and imagination and is set in the times of the Dutch Revolt (16th and 17th century) in Flanders and the Netherlands.
A big city train station, waiting passengers. Some look around bored, others are too busy to notice their surroundings. A man, self secure, lets his eyes slide over all the women. Until a gorgeous lady, dressed in blue, stares back at him. What follows goes beyond his wildest imagination.
The story is about a man who lives at a desolate train station, far away from the big city and who has little to do besides keeping an eye on the points and who is sometimes visited by the postman. Then a woman, accidently, gets of the train. She spends a whole year on the pointsman’s lonely island of life, which leads to all kinds of strange developments.
Fiction, reality, dream and illusion effortlessly blend together. It is the story of two brothers, one of whom pursues his ambitions, while the other is sent to a mental institution by their parents. Lost childhood, failed ambitions, the threat of brain surgery, an unremitting mother, a suicidal father and a rich grandfather define the course of action.
A story about unimportant events in the weekend of August 4 and 5, when the news had come out that Marilyn Monroe had died. One of the guys had moved to another city with his mother a year earlier and returns as a real swaggerer. In actual fact though, he’s searching for the comfort of the cafeteria and of his old friends to drive away his loneliness.
The title refers to the starting point of the film: Rembrandts last self portraits. The film is a portrait of the life of the great painter, sketcher and etcher is portrayed, but the focus is on the world he lives in and his 'looking at'. This film is made out of love and admiration for the Dutch master.
A story about a man and his journey, but at the same time about the escape from death, that turns into a quest. The film uses as lot of symbolism and archetypical characters such as 'the fool', 'the girl' and 'the artist' (the creator).
The film is an exuberant representation of the 16th miracle play about a young woman, Mariken, Like many from that era it is a very religious story about sin (a simple farmers girl that lives with the devil), punishment and forgiveness (thanks to the virgin Mary).


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